Augmented Reality
Reward Tokens for Engagements

Captive is a reward mobile app for promoting and engaging with augmented reality experiences.

About Captive

Captive is a reward token protocol for building, promoting, and engaging in augmented reality experiences. We are creating a new ecosystem of “engagement” marketing where companies, influencers, technology, and customers come together in a new and exciting way. Think of Pokemon Go but instead of collecting characters you are collecting reward tokens that you can redeem for prizes or currency.

Proof of Engagements

We use tools like augmented reality, geotagging, cryptocurrency, and machine learning to build an ecosystem where everyone wins. Blockchain technology is used to verify user engagements with the Captive AR experiences.

Reward Tokens

We have 2 types of tokens: Carats and Coins. We give game developers the opportunity to monetize their games, apps, and skills through our tokens. Carats are used to create bounties for developers and designers to build augmented reality apps and experiences. Carats are also used to reward social influencers and marketers to help promote augmented reality apps and experiences. Coins are used to reward users for engaging with AR experiences.

Redeem Prizes

Both Carats and Coins can be used to redeem prizes in Captive marketplace.

Captive Token Drops

We use location-based technology enhanced with gameplay to engage users on their mobile device.

Deliver location-based mobile content at outdoor events, retail centers, and points of interest.

We drive foot traffic to ultra-specific locations of your choosing, and deliver relevant, actionable content in Augmented Reality!

How it works

Download the Captive App and start playing the Captive augmented reality games, visit Captive token drops, or scan Captive AR markers to receive reward tokens to redeem prizes.

Download Captive App

Download the Captive App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Engage in AR Experiences

Open the Captive camera and start playing AR games or find Captive targets and start earning Captive reward for engaging with the augmented experiences.

Redeem Prizes

Redeem your Captive reward tokens for prizes in the Captive marketplace.

Captive Rewards

Captive is an augmented reality mobile app and web platform that gives brands and influencers the power to create unique and compelling interactions for their customers and followers to experience. Captive technology gives brands the ability to see how their users interact with the AR experience to provide tangible analytics. And, we give users the ability to redeem directly through those AR experiences with our crypto rewarding technology and wallet feature in the form of Captive utility tokens called Captive Carats (CAPCT) and Captive Coins (CAPCN).

What’s more, Captive was built to facilitate cutting edge experiences between brands and consumers where it hasn’t existed previously (offscreen and onscreen) through augmenting reality experiences, capturing unique analytics and driving attrition through our crypto reward token and coin exchange.

We give users the ability to earn tokens through Augmented Reality experience interactions so that they can use those tokens to redeem real products in the marketplace.


In the simplest explanation, augmented reality overlays images or videos on top of real-world objects. For example, we could overlay a movie trailer over the movie poster hanging at the bus stop. That experience is what we call augmented reality.

Captive AR Drops

Markerless based augmented reality uses a GPS, velocity meter, digital compass to provide data based on the location.

Captive AR Markers

Marker-based AR uses a camera to produce a result when the marker is sensed by a reader.

Captive AR Games

Augmented reality game uses the camera to allow the user to interact with the augmented view and earn reward tokens.

Captive Tokens

Captive tokens function similar to reward points that can be redeemed for prizes, merchandise, and access to events.

Captive Wallet

Users earn Captive tokens by interacting with Captive markers. Tokens are stored in the Captive Wallet.

Captive Marketplace

Captive marketplace is where users can go to redeem prizes, merchandise, and get access to events.

Captive Tokens

Reward tokens are earned when you engage with Captive augmented reality experiences and games.

Captive Wallet

Reward tokens are stored in the Captive wallet. Send or receive tokens to your Captive wallet.

Captive Marketplace

Reward tokens are used to redeem products, services, and events in the Captive marketplace.

Captive Roadmap

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AR is the perfect partner to gamification. Both technologies enhance user experience in multiple realms. There are numerous industries currently employing this partnership; however, few companies are using them to the same revolutionary effect as Captive. Captive is revolutionary in that it combines blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with AR-based gamification.

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While the use of VR and AR in media and entertainment is relatively new, those alternative realities are already captivating consumers and making businesses money. Captive, for instance, has paired blockchain tech with AR to create new user experiences in which consumers interact with brands in new and entertaining ways. Once users register with the app, they can acquire “Captive coins.” Those coins can then be used to buy real goods in the Captive marketplace.

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Two Surprising Apps to Earn Crypto

Similarly, the Captive App has a built-in wallet to store, send, and receive tokens. They have a map and an AR mode to collect tokens. You can also track your progress.

One difference that sets the Captive App apart from other crypto and AR apps is its built-in Marketplace where you can buy physical items (like clothes, music, gift cards, etc.). Captive App is also designed to be used across various sectors (eg., retail, travel and tourism, education, etc).

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"To fuse augmented reality and blockchain to give brands and creators the captivating power to develop unrivaled user experiences."